Pediatric Therapy Success Story

This child was developing typically and very active. He began limping, so he was taken to an orthopedic surgeon. At the age of 8 years old, he was diagnosed with Perthes Disease. This is a childhood condition that is most common in boys between 2 and 12 years old where there is inadequate blood supply to part of the hip joint. Without enough blood, the bone actually dies and the ball can collapse while the socket flattens. He came to Easter Seals Pediatric Therapy for a pre-op evaluation so that he could start on a home program to ready him for surgery and so he would know what to do once all casting was removed. He had major hip surgery with a plate put in, and he returned to therapy 6 weeks later. At that time, he had very little range of motion of that hip and very little strength, which is to be expected. He could walk but it was with a major limp. The surgeons like to keep the plate in if possible, but he had some problems with it, so he had another surgery to get it removed, then returned to therapy. A lot of his stretching and strengthening was done at home after showing him and his mom what to do. He worked hard and continued to advance. We were able to keep his appointments to a minimum and bring him in after school, so he did not have to miss school. After 2 years, he finally increased range of motion, strength, and endurance, and he can perform advanced exercises, so he has been discharged. He is now participating in his City’s League baseball all-stars for the summer. He will continue to strengthen further over time, but he has shown that he can do that on his own!

Adult Program Success Story

Isaac is a 22 year old male that receives therapy services from the Adult Therapy Program at Easter Seals. Isaac and Adrienne Thompson, Case Manager worked on obtaining his permit for about 2 months. Isaac went to take his permit test on last week and passed on the first try!  Way to go Issac and Adrienne!

One Families Success Story

After many challenging years of stuttering in my son’s life, we were so thankful when the opening became available at Easter Seals three years ago. Wes was getting ready to go into middle school and his stuttering was really at one of his all time highs. He had faced many challenges in his life but you would never know it because his attitude had always been one of optimism, always rounding out a situation and heading in the right direction even in the very worst of circumstances. By the time he started First Grade, Wes and I had moved to a new town, new school for him, new church, new friends.

Wes was forced to even deal with familial challenges that would be unspeakable to most five year old children. But sticking his head in the sandhad never been an option he entertained. He knew at an early age that God had called him into His service which Wes had gladly accepted. And he continued on through life, many days you might think the stuttering would get the best of him but he would not be deterred. He plays in his high school marching band. He has preached his first sermon and is an active member of his youth group. Each week when we go to Easter Seals our pathologists, first Emily and then Abby, have taught him many strategies. While implementing and teaching Wes these speech strategies and working fundamentals and fine tuning, Wes has had the opportunity to express what’s on his mind and talk. He loves talking with them about what’s going on in his life at school, band, church, home. He talks with them about his personal life if he desires to and feels very comfortable in doing so. With each challenge there has been an opportunity to learn how to remove whatever that obstacle might be. And Easter Seals has been with Wes all the way providing encouragement and the proper skills for him to communicate with much less stuttering and in a much more confident way. We will be forever grateful to Easter Seals. It has been a life changing experience. Thank you from our hearts.

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