Pediatric Ambassadors

2015-2016 Easter Seals of the Birmingham Area Pediatric Ambassadors


Ambassador Allie Lovell

Allie came to Easter Seals to get help with a Speech/Language Delay.  Since receiving services with Easter Seals she has been able to communicate better and people are able to understand her better when she speaks.

Allie was born 6 weeks early and only weighed 2 ½ pounds and was 11 inches long.  She was also born with a congenital heart defect and braved heart surgery at 4 months old.  In addition to her amazing personality, she is enhanced with a super extra chromosome in each of her cells giving her a secondary title of a person with Down syndrome.  Allie wears bilateral hearing aids and prior to being able to form words and sentences around 5 years old she used a vocabulary of several hundred words using sign language.  Allie does not slow down, she is full of energy and loves to make the rules and will do her best to get you to follow them.

Allie is an 8 year old girl with a huge personality.  It’s hard to have a bad day when Allie is around because of her infectious good mood and generally sweet disposition.  She also demonstrates confident independence which can add excitement to any given day.  She is a 1st grader at Meadowview Elementary school in Alabaster, and she has a wide variety of friends and favorite subjects.  She loves to read and has recently discovered an interest in working to solve daily math problems.  Some of Allie’s favorite things to do are horseback riding, playing soccer, dancing, singing loudly for all to hear, watching Sofia the First and playing with her dolls.


Ambassador MJ Burks

MJ came to Easter Seals due to a Developmental Delay.  At the time MJ began Easter Seals he was little and not able to walk on his own.  With the help of the Physical therapists here at Easter Seals, he has come a long way.  Physical therapy has helped him improve his strength, balance and endurance.  Now he walks with assistance, and continues to get stronger every day.

MJ is a 1st grader at Calera Elementary School.  He loves to read, sing, write and order toys off of  MJ loves being helpful to all of his friends and classmates.  He encourages them to do the best they can.  He has a sweet spirit and precious smile.  He is always smiling and happy a true joy to be around.


Ambassador Juliette Amador

Juliette came to Easter Seals with a diagnosis of Ataxia.  Ataxia causes involuntary muscle movements and it affects, speech, gross motor, and fine motor skills.  She receives Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, and Physical therapy each week to help develop the skills she needs to reach her goals.  Juliette loves to play with her big sister, she enjoys her hair to be brushed and for bows to put in it.  She enjoys playing dress up and working with puzzles.  She is a very happy little girl with a smile that will steal your heart.

Ambassador Laynie Lowery

Laynie came to Easter Seals due to a Developmental Delay.  Laynie receives Speech therapy, Occupational therapy and Physical therapy to help achieve all of her goals. Laynie has really improved since coming to Easter Seals, she is using new sounds more often and she is improving her large motor and fine motor skills.  Laynie’s parents are looking forward to seeing Laynie grow and improve with the help of the wonderful therapists at Easter Seals and from all the support from her family and friends.   Laynie loves to read books, play outside, play with her sister Lexi and her brother Garrett and her dog Champ.  Her favorite food is McDonald’s French fries.

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