Board Members

The Easter Seals Board of Directors

Members of the Easter Seals Board of Directors believe in the mission of Easter Seals and are informed, active advocates on behalf of children and adults with disabilities or other special needs and their families.


Shaun Cosby

Vice Chairperson

Paul Ebert


Colecia Thomas


Evan Dorman

Immediate Past Chairperson

Craig Neely

Members Include

  • Brad Anderson
  • Jonathan DeWaard
  • Brad Hilsmier
  • Kelli Holmes
  • Kyle Hudlow
  • David Keough
  • Laura Kleckley
  • Wesley Lee
  • Peyton Lockett
  • Davis Mange
  • Sophie Martin
  • James Pace
  • Jennifer Shaw
  • Armand St. Raymond
  • Robin Wade
  • Anne Wallace
  • Yolanda Spencer
  • Lynne Stokley
  • Mark Vosel
  • David Higgins
Board Member Emeritus

Dorothy Chambers

Executive Director

David Higgins

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