Adult Vocational Program

Adult Therapy Program

Easter Seals of the Birmingham Area’s Adult Program serves individuals with disabilities seeking competitive employment. The disability or severity does not matter as long as the individual is capable of obtaining and maintaining employment in the workforce. We serve all ages – from high school students to senior citizens. Many of our consumers, while able to work, need some assistance and training to be successful and we provide them with training, resources, and assistance as needed to ensure they have the same chance and opportunity to succeed as a person without a disability.

Multi-Faceted Approach

  • Provide a variety of services to persons with disabilities seeking competitive employment. Using this model, we address the whole person, which not only gives them tools for success in the workplace, but in life.
  • Offer job readiness training, which includes resume writing, interviewing skills, time and money management, anger management and conflict resolution, self-advocacy and workplace ethics, and interpersonal relationship skills.
  • Have a staff of Employment Specialists who form relationships with employers in the community and work to place consumers in those positions.
  • Offer computer skills training teaching consumer’s computer usage, online job search, keyboarding skills, and Microsoft Office Word and Excel.
  • Offer a tutoring program for persons needing assistance in taking the written test for their driver’s license. We are also implementing a program to improve literacy.
  • Offer work adjustment experiences in the janitorial and receptionist field.
  • Offer job coaching where a staff member goes to the workplace with a consumer and gives one-on-one training and assistance to him or her for a brief period to ensure they are knowledgeable and competent to perform the job.
  • Provide personal counseling to address issues impeding them from being successful in the workplace.
  • Offer a variety of assessments to ascertain a consumer’s ability, aptitude, personality traits, career interests, and learning styles.

The Process

When a consumer is referred to our facility the program manager meets with him or her and gathers basic information and formulates a plan for employment, which includes any training, counseling, assessments, and job goals. They then begin working their employment plan with our staff. Once they obtain employment, our Employment Specialist tracks them for 90 days to ensure there are no problems, no accommodations are needed, or no additional training is required. After a successful completion of the 90-day period, the consumer’s case is closed.

For more information regarding the Adult Therapy Clinic please contact (205) 942-6277

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